Friday, January 1, 2016

Debian developer passed away

Sad tux

With deep apology, the free software community was Shocked to death of the famous developer Ian Murdock who passed away at age of 42 years, He was one of the biggest supporters of free software and open source, and the spiritual father of the project Debian and the essential developer ...
Ian Began in Debian development project in August 1993, and in the same year several preliminary versions of Debian was launched, and later it became runnable on every platform in this world, from embedded devices and even the International Space Station!

His focus was on the creation of a stable rock distribution based on of community culture software which are interrelated, ethically and technically, it's a distribution that believes in freedom of software.

Ian had a dream and lived it today, the Debian community remains incredibly active, with thousands of developers working hours and hours to bring the world a reliable and secure operating system.

And thereby lose the free software community and the open source high-profile symbol of symbols, which contributed to the existence of other distributions, which is why you are reading this post using Ubuntu or one of its derivatives ...

ian murdock


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