Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Best 3 distributions based on Arch for beginners

arch linux

If you heard of Arch Linux distribution and want to use it because of its features, but you can't at this moment because you are still a newbie, we are glad to let you know that there are three distributions based on Arch Linux distribution that will make your use of the Arch more accessible to end users, and in this post we list:

1- Apricity OS

apricity Linux OS

One of the beautiful distributions based on Arch which both beginners and professionals fit both, and adopt this distribution is a different shape and look for many of the distributions so that they focus on simplicity and beauty and quick access to the command ... It is said that they later will go also to the field of cloud computing, and is being developed distribution actively by the developers and the main headquarters in Chicago with a few other humans from around the world ... and enjoy this distribution differs from the spray Sticky Ubuntu, also comes with some tools useful accessories ...

Syncthing is considered one of the greatest advantages of the distribution function as an intermediary program which enables you to exchange huge amount of data securely without the use of any form of cloud storage forms.

Another prominent program in which the distribution Sbackup for backup, where you can store your system files are compressed or uncompressed in any folder you want to keep.

2- Manjaro

Manjaro Linux

Manjaro Linux distribution is famous among the Linux community, and is the seventh month Linux distribution, but has its own repositories, and is compatible AUR, Manjaro consists of three repositories :

- Unstable : where there are withheld critical condition packets for evaluation purposes before passed to the "experimental repositories ".

- Test repositories : packages have to stay there about a week under test, and then be transported to stable repositories after becoming in good condition.

- Stable repositories : where packages are in good conditions and suitable for everyday use.

Note : Most interfaces are available in Manjaro Linux, and most preferred are Xfce and Kde.


Antergos Installer

Previously it was called Cinnarch For reasons of interfaces, It was renamed Antergos, tracking a similar approach to the dividend mentioned above, the purpose of this distribution to facilitate the Arch to end users and reduce the dread factor towards the Arch Linux, it is available with several interfaces ...

Did you try one of these distributions, and what do you think of them ?


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