Sunday, November 2, 2014

The release of the final version of Ubuntu 14.10

The release of the final version of Ubuntu 14.10

After months of continuous development, Ubuntu developers announced release of Ubuntu final release 14.10 of which, the new version did not come with any new features to remember it is just a version carries Last updated packages and bug fixes as well as to provide some additional packages to be installed through the official repositories, is not worth the upgrade to in fact especially as it is not LTS.

The new version came with Linux Kernel 3.16, Firefox and Thunderbird 33, LibreOffice, interface Unity 7.3, and the interface MATE becomes available for installation from the official repository and so on for the interface Unity 8, It has also updated the appearance a little bit by a new set of backgrounds for Ubuntu 14.10.

To download the Ubuntu 14.10 Click here.


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