Friday, November 7, 2014

Release of openSUSE 13.2

Release of openSUSE 13.2

The community of OpenSUSE distro announced the release of the final version, 13.2 after months of constant development, the new version comes with several updates, such as the Linux kernel 3.16 and GNOME Desktop 3.14, KDE 4.11 and 4.14,XFCE and the latest stable version of LXDE desktop environment.

Btrfs Filesystem has become is the default filesystem in openSUSE 13.2 for the root (/) while XFS is the default filesystem the Home folder (/ home), which is considered a significant change to the level of performance and speed, in fact, also been several improvements made to the package management application of openSUSE so-called "Yast2" such as removing support for GRUB Legacy and focus on supporting the GRUB 2 just as well to restructure Sticky distribution and make it more automatic in the performance of tasks, as well as to improve the formal aesthetic of the overall distribution and update all packets to the latest versions.

Speaking of KDE, Kda plasma 5 became available in the official repositories for anyone who wants to try it, and KDE 3.5 for those who wants to stay on it, GNOME Shell 3.14 is pre-existing and its applications, interface MATE 1.8 is also available official repository, also have been added several scientific applications to their own official repository such as Pythia and Yoda and Cadabra, in addition to many other features.

To download the version of openSUSE 13.2, click here.


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