Monday, October 6, 2014

Start in Linux server management with DigitalOcean

Start in Linux server management with DigitalOcean

Linux server management is extremely broad, and it is demanded by many companies in recent times, The director of the server is the person responsible for follow-up all his affairs from the ground up and has a wide range of disciplines, it would be good for you as a user to learn a few basic things about managing Linux servers, and today you will learn about DigitalOcean company.

DigitalOcean is one of the leading companies in the field of the VPS servers running Linux, the company offers a lot of features at a bargain price too - just $ 5 a month - as well as the quality of the service, some features include :

Traffic 1 terabyte per month.
20 GB SSD type of space, which means more speed.
512 megabytes of random access memory RAM.
Possibility to install most Linux distributions with a push of a button.
Possibility to make backups and recovery process easily.
Easy and practical control Panel to help to help you with your business.
Many other features.


You can register in DigitalOcean from the following link, once you register, you'll get a free $ 10 credited, is it sufficient for two months in case you choose the first plan.

Also one of the interesting features of DigitalOcean is the presence of a large amount of documentation about Linux server management, you can review all these documents from the following link: 

Have you tried DigitalOcean ? How was your experience ?


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