Monday, October 27, 2014

openSUSE integrated two projects (Tumbleweed and Factory) in one

openSUSE integrated two projects (Tumbleweed and Factory) in one

openSUSE has always been of the distributions that Appeal to me, not for anything, but because they are adaptable and really has a lot of beautiful sub-projects for all categories of users, and one of these projects is the Tumbleweed project. 

Tumbleweed is a special repository for openSUSE that contains the latest available versions of the various packages, designed to the latest software and tools to provide users of this distribution, which is a very popular repository due to the number of packets in which it resides, once added to the distro openSUSE, the distribution is considered a Rolling Release like Arch Linux, now there is another named "Factory" project, a project of the Factory consists of two things: the official developmental versions of distro openSUSE (mean files iso for the project), in addition to the repository, the Factory, which is the other contains the latest developmental versions available from the packages, which also once added to your system, it turns into a rolling distro like Arch Linux (because you will have updates every day). 

The good news today for users of openSUSE is that both projects, Tumbleweed and Factory will merge under the name of Tumbleweed ! This means the unification of efforts in order to create a single repository contains the latest packages, programs and tools to be a good choice for anyone who wants openSUSE distro and be rolling at the same time, will also be the launch name "Tumbleweed Release" on the developmental versions name of the distro openSUSE, starting from 4 November 2014 the Factory repository will be re-directed automatically to the Tumbleweed repositories to be the merger process. 

Incidentally, the version of openSUSE 13.2 will be launched after 8 days, to follow the news here's the official website of the distribution :


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