Sunday, August 10, 2014

XBMC turns into KODI

XBMC turns into KODI

Giant open-source Media Player and is one of the most popular application on Linux, Windows, Mac, or even phones and Tablets, it is wonderful program; Kodi (which was called XBMC previously), as it announced the development team that the name of the program has been changed and transformed into Kodi .

But what the reason for the name change ?

XBMC was designed originally for Xbox devices, and was named Xbox Media Center, and then in 2008 the name was changed to XBMC to avoid illegal problems, and despite the name change to XBMC, but it is still some people think that the program may be designed by Microsoft.

And now To avoid these problems, the program's name was changed to Kodi.

Kodi is available for download on most systems known, and you can download it from here.


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