Sunday, August 10, 2014

Valencia Schools provide 50 million dollars due to LINUX

Valencia Schools provide 50 million dollars due to LINUX

Valencia is located east of Spain and the largest city in the country, announced that its schools have been transformed into Linux, specifically to the Lliurex distribution created by Spain for those schools, which is based on the Edubuntu educational distribution, and Lliurex is used in more than 110 thousand computer teachers.

The process of transmission of Valencia Schools for Linux to save about 36 million euros (equivalent to approximately $ 50 million) over the past nine years.

Lliurex distribution is managed by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration; during the installation process, users can choose between several options differ in their suitability for use, there is an option for use in schools or homes, and another for small and medium-sized businesses. The Lliurex and one of the many free software projects in the autonomous region of Valencia, Spain.

Instead, there are about more than 120 thousand desktop computers in Valencia which uses LibreOffice including schools, courts, and have the government said last year that the use of LibreOffice will help provide 1.5 million euros a year (the equivalent of nearly two million dollars) .

Not only this, there is also another area in western Spain called "Extremadura", which also uses her own Linux distribution called linex installed on more than 70 thousand computer teachers in the region.


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