Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ubuntu expands in India

Ubuntu expands in India

India is the fastest growing market for open-source operating system Ubuntu, thanks to links \ alliances with leading vendors of computers, and the increasing reliance on cloud applications and web solutions in the country where institutions see the  that Ubuntu is very good at such things and things.

Linux has grown by 50% from last year in India, and perhaps this is thanks to a partnership with Canonical my company Dell and HP, to attach to the system operated with certain models of those Laptops displayed in India.

India is the fastest growing market for us for adoption on Ubuntu, it's definitely one of our main markets globally. - Prakash Advani: Regional Director for Canonical in Asia and the Pacific. 

As many companies have moved to cloud storage, and this means that Ubuntu has become more important for them, and also said: that people are switching to Ubuntu because it is simpler to understand and easy to install and use. - Sanchit Vir Gogia. 

We chose Ubuntu because it is stable, and does not require the struggles of viruses Unlike Windows, it is very safe and cost-effective. - Mahesh Pawar. 

To ensure that it comfortable for users, JustDial company began conducting training in the field of basic awareness about Ubuntu.

If some users insisted on the use of the Windows system, we will educate these people how they can use the Ubuntu system more efficient. - Pawar. 
We seek to make important applications running on open source operating systems. - Srikanth Raman: Director of Information Technology at Narayana Hrudayalaya. 
In last two years, Ubuntu was able to penetrate the government and education sectors with some great bargains, such as the deal of 15-lakh where bought Delhi University 61 A computer installed upon Ubuntu also bought the province of Assam Omitron 28 thousand computers; as the company JustDial transferred substantially all its computers amounting 4500 computer to Ubuntu, for their use of the CRM system that works from the browser.

Ubuntu has also seen a growth in the consumer sector of users who opt for cheap versions of laptops pre-installed with Ubuntu, and there are about 850 stores in the country sells Laptops HP and Dell pre-installed with Ubuntu system.


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