Saturday, August 9, 2014

Toulouse provided million euro with LIBREOFFICE

Toulouse provided million euro with LIBREOFFICE

Toulouse, the fourth largest city in France, which is located in the southwest of France, announced that it has provided about one million euros, following its transformation into a set of office programs free and open source LibreOffice.

Immigration to Liber Office was one of the key projects of the town in its new digital, and has begun the process of migration to it in 2012, and after that the decision was political in order to shift in 2011, and it took about a year and a half to complete, and from this day 90% of desktop computers (and used by more than 10 thousand people) is now working with LibreOffice.

The story began when Pierre Cohen was elected as mayor of Toulouse in 2008, a person who specializes in information technology and work on policy and digital special focus on open source, him and his colleague Erwane Monthubert are the reason behind the transition of the city of Toulouse to open source in 2011.

Not only Liber Office; but most official Websites of Toulouse are working with free software, such as: and and

There is a clear trend in European cities to abandon the products owned and move to open source, in the vicinity of Spain Valencia and the Canary Islands abandoned MS Office and this led to save millions, along with many other European cities that we have mentioned in the past; will join the "Cote d'Azur" to the list transgender soon a region in France, in the state of Marseille, as the French capital, police developed its own operating system based on Ubuntu, and the list is endless, and we hope to turn more to the culture of open source and free software.


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