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Top 10 Programming Code Editors for Linux

Top 10 Programming Text Editors for Linux

Programmers have common and known term called IDE ( Integrated Development Environment ), or the so-called script editor that helps you write the code, built, operated, organized and assist ; Here are the top 10 Programming Text Editor for Linux

1 . Komodo


Komodo is the Excellent IDE built on the Mozilla project the famous Komodo supports many programming languages ​​famous such as Perl, Python , PHP , C \ C + +, Ruby , JavaScript , TCL, CSS, HTML, XML, RHTM; Komodo has all features that you need and he has a very good interface and easy to use , but it is not free , but you can always get a free copy of the open source project through openkomodo.

2 . Eclipse


Eclipse is Celebrity editor for Java programmers with advanced features , also supports Python C \ C + +, it uses plugins, it is desirable for beginners , but it is an excellent option for advanced .

3 . CodeBlocks


Codeboks is a very good Editor, special for C \ C + + languages (you can use the Python by adding certain plugin) ; it includes everything you need for C and C + + , such as gtk and qt It supports more than an interpreter, it is the best option for C \ C + + programmers .

4 . NetBeans


Netbeans is a production of Sun, free and open source written using Java, It is known to be an excellent option for programmers of Java and graphical interfaces for Java , but also supports C \ C + +, Python , Ruby , Javascript , PHP , the only problem it is that it is not intended well .

5 . Geany


Geany editor is very lightweight and it supports C and Python and Perl and Pascal and Java ruby PHP and HTML , it's a small editor in size and very simple .

6 . Codelite


Codelite is a strong editor and open source dedicated to C \ C + + programmers, it resembles Codebloks in many ways, but with fewer features and supports syntax for other languages ​​.

7 . MonoDevelop


MonoDevelop editor is primarily designed for C # language and the NET languages ; Mono enables developers to quickly create software desktop and, Mono enables developers to easily port NET applications that you have created using Visual Studio to Linux and to maintain the abstract code.

8 . Anjuta


Anjuta editor is flexible software dedicated C \ C + + on GNU \ Linux , it is designed specifically for the GNOME \ GTK and includes a number of advanced programming facilities , it also has the glade / gnome GUI designer / code generator, it is dedicated to the Linux system .

9 . KDevelop


KDevelop fully supports the following languages ​​: C \ C + +, Ruby , PHP , and is often used on the front of KDE and QT environment and many of its users has turned to QTCreator without forgetting that there are a number of KDevelop lovers .

10 . Gedit


Gedit is not originally IDE but it is originally a text editor , but a few additions to it becomes able to be an IDE and supports many languages.

What is your comment about this list ? What is the best IDE for you ?


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