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More games to Linux platform

More games to Linux platform

One of the biggest problems of the Linux system is the lack of games and their weakness, and this of course because of the small number of users and therefore weakness interesting companies to provide their games to the Linux platform, fortunately that this reality is about to change after the support of many manufacturers of games for the Linux platform, and here we will review some new news in this regard.

50 games on support a Linux 

50 games support linux is one of the largest websites allocated to the Games in collaboration with the companies that produce them, a few weeks has already announced to provide more than 50 game variety and classic works on the Linux system, including games really beautiful like Flat Out 2 and The Last Federation and many others, for the games, of course, driven Linux platform no dredgers and Cyrilat (no reality, but very few), this announcement is part of a goal to reach 100 game supportive of the Linux system.

List of 50 games currently supported can be found here.

600 games driven and supports the free Linux system on the Steam platform : 

600 games, free and non free support linux on steam

There is no doubt that the Steam platform is one of the largest platforms entertainment and gaming in the world today has become the platform provides more than 600 game variety for Linux, some of which is free and most of them paid, which makes Linux usable really by users interested in games.

Visit Steam platform via the link : 

Awaited Games : 

Awaited Games

Of course there are many companies producing games that take individual steps in the provision of their games on the Linux platform, including the game Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, which has not yet issued, is expected to release on October 14 of this year on both the Mac and Windows and Linux, and Xbox 360 and PS3.

Video of the upcoming game :

Another awaited Game Westland 2, thanks to a campaign finance collective created by developers on Kickstarter, which succeeded, the support for each of the Linux and Mac became available, the game has not issued a final after and is still in the pilot phase, you can download from Steam versus $ 60 for the Linux platform from here.


There are more games that become supported every week .. Do you think Linux has become a mature for gaming or not yet?


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