Wednesday, August 20, 2014

DEBIAN celebrates its twenty birthday

DEBIAN celebrates its twenty birthday

Debian celebrate its project over 21 years to its inception, making it one of the oldest open source projects in existence.

Debian is one of the most widely used Linux distributions around the world, and the most famous distributions based on them, and on top of Ubuntu, the Debian Linux distribution is more stable and stable at all so it described as "the rock."

We also know that Valve has created its own operating system for games SteamOS which is based on Debian, and this is evidence of the power of this distribution, which made ​​them the choice despite the presence of dozens of famous distributions.

Interestingly, the new policy is pursued by the developers of the project, as it will provide 6 years of support for Debian Wheezy, is likely to apply the policy on future versions as well.

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