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Review on the XFCE desktop environment

Review on the XFCE desktop environment

Linux system contains a number of interfaces that have plenty of diverse and different in their characteristics and forms, and perhaps one of the best of these interfaces, namely, Xfce, and in this article we review the a number of advantages and other characteristics which this interface has.
XFCE one of interfaces for Linux, a free, open source, characterized as being very light, making it suitable for older computers, designed to economize on the use of hardware system and be highly productive.

Although Xfce is classified as one of the best interfaces for devices old and low requirements, but it is still visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, and consists of a number of packages and software that make it integrate with the desktop environment, and you can customize and adjust however you like.

Xfce is based on GTK + 2 and use the window manager Xfwm, it is strong and sturdy.

XFCE environment is very fast and stable, a customizable broadly, and make maintaining the system resources a top priority, and provide visual improvements  such as shadow and transparency and can reach workspaces to eight, it looks like a unique combination of dual GnomeClassic + KDE, so you'll notice immediately it is pure and free of distraction and visual distraction factors and comfortable for the eyes, it's a classic and simple and allows easy access to applications through the process list is far from complicated.

Rather than previously, contain Xfce center integrated settings, and is confusing for novice users, and contains most if not all of the widgets that a user needs of adjustments.

In addition, there are a number of prominent Xfce applications core, which has either been derived from GNOME applications and development, and has either been written from scratch, including: Thunar, a file browser the default Xfce, is designed to be fast and consumes as little as possible memory, as well as being a high customization through plugins, and Leafpad a text editor by default in Xfce, which is also used in Xubuntu but with the derivation and change its name to Mousepad, and the program of Parole is a media player that is strong and fast is based on the framework of GStreamer, and program Xfburn a tool for burning DVDs of the CD / DVD, and finally, Orage for calendar and timelines.

- And comes with the best and the most prominent 5 distributions that use Xfce environment and are advised to use:

- Xubuntu
- LinuxMint Xfce
- Snowlinux
- Linux Lite
- Voyager

Some screenshots of Xfce Desktop :

xfce desktop

xfce background

xfce settings

whisker menu

xfce clean


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