Friday, July 25, 2014

Release of Robolinux 7.5.4 distribution

Release of Robolinux 7.5.4 distribution

Robolinux Linux distribution is quick and easy to use, which is based on the ancient Debian distribution  (very stable), which is designed to be suitable for end-users, and has recently added a lot of developments and changes.

Robolinux uses software technique called Stealth VM Software that allows users to create a copy of Windows operating system with all the software installed inside as well as updates (which is the most important feature of the distribution).

In addition to these important feature, which is one of the most important features of the distribution, the developer also added a number of new packages.

Now it is possible to run Netflix on Firefox and Chrome (because it has been added component of Silverlight), some software such as Skype and kdenlive and unetbootin and Plex Media and others were updated; in addition, it has added all the security updates and systemic (upstream) of stable Debian.

Robolinux can be burn on USB Flash by Unetbootin or Live USB Creator.

For more details, see the official announcement page.

Click here to download Robolinux 7.5.4.


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