Thursday, July 10, 2014

Knowledge and Linux .. one thing, in fact

Knowledge and Linux .. one thing, in fact

If you're one of the lucky people who use Linux - without intolerance, of course - you might know that there is a hidden advantage of the features of your use of the system is far from the truth in the technical framework, namely, the love of knowledge.

In past time we used to download cracks and serials for Windows softwares that we use, we are used to download games and movies, but no more, no less, days and hours have been lost without doing anything useful in fact, whether for himself or for others.

Now with Linux the situation is completely different, there are a lot of things that you must explore to be able to use the system and therefore you will not stop using Google to find the answers that you want, we always hear this phrase "Google it" which is told by Linux Geeks, that proves that no one can feed you a knowledge from gold spoon, but you get it on your own, you Linux user not Princess Diana, you don't need someone to hold your hand in order to cut off a street with you.

This trip makes the individual thinking Out of the Box, as soon as the individual begins to search for information he will begin to learn something useful to him rather than to spend all his time in playing games for example, he will start to search for something like interfaces and server of display, programming and development and localization .. In the end, up to the stage of the search for knowledge everywhere, this changes the way of thinking of the individual Overall, his outlook on the way things are different, and the method of analysis of other things also vary even outside the sphere of technical, Linux is not just an operating system, It's also a Philosophy (Open source).

On the other hand this does not mean that everyone who use Windows and Mac are fools (of course not), but the proportion of those differ, of course, for example, every 100 Windows user are not fluent in using their computers and understand the difference between the server and the website, but Linux users : most of them are. This does not mean all of course, there are millions of professionals who use the closed-source applications or systems and there are many newbies who try out Linux just to enjoy the beauty and some effects (like Compiz), but the ratio varies as we said previously.

How about you ? Did your way of thinking has changed after you changed your system :)


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