Monday, July 28, 2014

Interested in topics such as Tor, Tails or Linux Journal? NSA consider you as extremist

interested in topics such as Tor, Tails or Linux Journal? NSA consider you as extremist

In a new report revealed by "XKeyscore snooping program" on leaked confidential documents concerning the activities of the National Security Agency, the U.S. NSA, says that the agency was using a secret program to classify all of the cares matters such as project Tor or Tails distribution and all who read the magazine Linux Journal is placed under a certain type of observation, but even that the agency was interested in pursuing both protection and privacy matters in general and especially those who cares about Linux and open source.

XKeyscore is a collection of software to collect and analyze the data used by the NSA has been detected for some of them by Edward Snowden, what has happened recently is that it has been detected on the source code for one of these programs (in fact is the rule file) used by the NSA in tracking operations , and discovered the above information according to which track all of the cares of security and privacy on the Web in general and some Ips specific pertaining to network Tor, according to a report carried out by the security experts Germans about the file leaked the tracking process does not belong to people reel off or goals for NSA, but anyone looking for a issues related to these areas.

Some searches that are tracked are any searches containing words such as 'linux', 'USB', 'CD', 'secure desktop', 'IRC', 'truecrypt' or 'tor', there are also websites are tracked all visitors such as Linux Journal, or those who are looking for services such as stealth and HotSpotShiled MegaProxy and FreeNet and many other websites, so that in fact are classified distribution Tails specializes in protection as "software developed by radical extremists across the Community."

Some countries, such as Canada, Britain, AustraliaNew Zealand and the United States are beyond the scope of tracing operations carried out by the NSA, the other countries around the world appears to be "despised by" seeking NSA hard to keep track of looking for such a things outside of these five countries known as the "Five Eyes".

Matters raised about tracking NSA is not new, but is the new track them down for this particular group of users and track them to the readers of Linux Journal and other websites .. Maybe they finally understood that open source has reached a stage make users security really is not able to track them through and this perhaps trying to track them down when they try to download these software from the beginning by the search and other websites .. can you reply on this news ?


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