Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Deepin 2014 available for download

Deepin 2014 available for download

After months of tests, a version of the of Chinese Deepin distribution 2014 is released the stable  and is available for download now.

Deepin 2014 is based on Ubuntu 14.04, it does not use GNOME Shell nor Unity not even Cinnamon, but uses a custom shell written in HTML5, which means desktop high and they respond very distinctive.

Deepin uses its own desktop environment, which is called The Deepin Desktop Environment, which adds some new features and highlights, including: the ability to remove applications directly from the bar to start applications, settings and Hot Corners.

The other thing which is a prominent is called Deepin Control Centre, as it is becoming displays system settings in the desktop on both sides of the bar, which allows easy access to the settings, a beautiful visual appearance.

deepin 2014

Instead the applications has been improved and developed, by the team contains more than 30 people from the developers.

It is worth mentioning that Deepin Software center is wonderful, which puts the Canonical company in an awkward position and shameful in front of the power and beauty of Deepin Software center.

In addition to applications of multimedia player, which are easy to use, instead of the beautiful Games Centre.

Do you want to try it ?! Deepin 2014 able to be downloadable free of charge, but requires a relatively high hardware requirement, it also supports installation on computers safe boot UEFI / Secure Boot.

Deepin installation

* Note : We recommend not to use the distro in VirtualBox because of Compiz (visual effects), which will consume much resources and may lead to freeze the computer, we recommend fully install.

# To download Deepin 2014 Choose what suits you : 

- 64-bit architecture (BitTorrent).
- 32-bit architecture (BitTorrent).


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