Tuesday, July 29, 2014

After the transition to the open source .. Munich, has saved more than 10 million euros

After the transformation of the open source .. Munich, has saved more than 10 million euros

Munich, has provided more than 10 million euros of the money, after the transition to Linux and open source software.

The first phase Munich Began the migration for Open Source in 2006 as some workstations and a small percentage of computers that uses Debian distribution with OpenOffice and Firefox and Thunderbird.

And then in 2008 it has switched from Debian distribution to Debian based on the Ubuntu called "LiMux", having been the realization that Ubuntu and its derivatives are the best platform to achieve the desired requirements.

limux 4 kde desktop

LiMux 4 is the current version of the German distribution based on Kubuntu 10.04, and the next version LiMux 5, it will be based on Kubuntu 12.04, which will be adopted soon.

In 2013, it was announced the final stage of migration as a whole, a shift to fully open source, resulting in a saving of more than 10 million euros.

This figure includes both the cost of renting a staff of foreign companies to help manage and implement solutions, in addition to the internal costs of investment in training, management and support.

- The amount of money required for the transition to open source = 23 million euros.
- The amount of money required to upgrade \ buy licenses for Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Office = 34 million euros.

As you can see, the amount of expenditure is still present in both, but remains less in open source, and gives the save and clear, and in the future will increase the amount of savings.

These figures also do not take into account the long-term savings, which ensures further savings soon.

The Munich city of at the top of the cities that pushed to use the open source, as the last year distributing CDS of Ubuntu 12.04 for free to Windows XP users.


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