Friday, July 11, 2014

A brief review of the distribution LINUX MINT 17

A brief review of the distribution LINUX MINT 17

* Because of the busyness, this post is just a brief overview without details.

Linux Mint released about 17 days ago, with version 1.8 of the MATE desktop environment, and the other version with the version 2.2 of the interface Cinnamon, supported for five years, with the following key changes :

- Improvement of the Update Manager.
- The driver manager is now able to install the drivers without the need for an Internet connection.
- Improvement of display manager MDM and adding new features to it.
- Improvement of support for multiple monitors (and support HiDPI).
- Improvement of software sources.
- New welcome screen.
- In addition to improving the existing software in both MATE and Cinnamon, and you can read the rest of these features across many of these links: # 1, # 2

Some snapshots of LINUX MINT 17 :

software manager

driver manager

welcome screen

software sources

system settings

display manager mdm

mint mate menu

mint file manager


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