Monday, May 26, 2014

The Chinese government calls Xp users move to Linux

The Chinese government calls Xp users move to Linux
China is the most country in the world that use Windows XP, the government has appeared on TV channels Chinese media, calling users to move to Linux .

Windows XP Was stopped from Microsoft supports in April 8, 2014 , and this means that people who use it are still at risk due to suspension updates, which will lead to major security problems .

China took this matter very seriously, and felt that the computers that are powered by XP become more vulnerable over time, therefore, has issued the following statement :

We want to draw the attention of users to the potential security risks that may be exposed to Windows XP, where it was interrupted by Microsoft to provide updates and `` patches'' to it, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is working to develop a computer system especially for China based on Linux, and I hope users give us further support for this product which is locally produced .

* Zhang Feng, chief engineer at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, according to a report issued by the

Zhang Fen says that approximately 70% of the computers in China are running Windows XP, including the authorities and local governments .

The experts on China Central Television , expressed concern about those security concerns, but they also made ​​it clear that they believe that Linux may not be ready to receive the new users .

Hu Changjun representative of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Says " that Linux is only 1 % of the market , it is natural that companies do not want to develop software that adapts to this environment ."

But despite of that, we find many countries have succeeded in switching to Linux , such as Russia and Germany .

One of the main problems in China, the fact is that they do not have a major Linux distribution for the adoption of a uniform system, however , Ubuntu Kylin the Chinese distribution is a good first start, has proven itself more in the coming months .

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