Friday, May 30, 2014

Hint: How to install Registry files on Wine ?

Hint: How to install Registry files on Wine ?

Sometimes when you try to install a game or program on Wine you will be surprised that it does not work, an error message appears on the wording of "the game is not properly installed" or something like that , and in this case it means that there is a Registry file missing must be installed to operate the game \ program.

1 . , First and foremost, look for the error message in Google and download the appropriate Registry file that solves the problem.

2 . Open Terminal by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T.

3 . , Type the following command , followed by the path and Registry file name ( or drag and drop the Registry file to Terminal after typing the command ) :

wine regedit path to file

* As you can see above, the Red command is for installation Registry files, while the blue one is the path and file name that you can drag and drop to a terminal window, and then press Enter.

4 . The Registry file is installed.


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