Monday, May 5, 2014

Firefox 29 is completely different

Firefox 29 is completely different

Mozilla released version 29 of famous browser, Firefox, and with significant changes, most notably the new interface and I totally enjoyed the simplicity and beauty, as well the support of synchronization through a special account , instead of the other changes.

The first thing you will notice in Firefox 29 is the new interface called Australis UI and as you can see they use tabs with the edges of the circular curved and the change in the overall design of the bar icons and locations, and a new list for the allocation of symbols and icons on the tape that allows you to arrange your browser and customize it however you like.

firefox open menu

firefox customize

The addition bar "addon bar" also has been removed   ( and transferred its contents to the navigation bar), and were integrated favorite icon with button labels you have stored and transported to the right of the search bar , in addition to the button " move forward " disappears automatically when it is not needed .

firefox open menu

This has added the ability to synchronize Firefox , bookmarks , and history , passwords.. easily , using a special account ( such as Chrome \ Chromium ) by creating Firefox account, instead of internal improvements in many other browser.

firefox synchronization

# Download

- For Ubuntu users 12.04 \ 12.10 \ 13.10 \ 14.04 , all you have to do is to update the system via the " Software Updater" which will automatically upgrade to the new version of Firefox 29 .

- For other distributions like Fedora , and Arch Linux , etc. ... it often has reached the update also via " Software Updater " if the updates didn't come, it will inevitably be in a matter of days or a few hours..

- You can download Firefox from the official Website.


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