Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Top 5 alternatives for Ubuntu One

Top 5 alternatives for Ubuntu One

After the end of the life of Ubuntu One cloud storage service, many users of this service are looking for another alternative to it, and in this article we will present the best alternatives for 5 Ubuntu One :

1. OwnCloud


It it free cloud platform, open source file storage and sync, a multi-platform (Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS) which comes with Photo Gallery sharing and with calendar integration also includes a PDF viewer and a text editor, and a set of applications that can be added to the front of the Web of OwnCloud, with high security and privacy .

- The official website of the service : http://owncloud.org

2. Dropbox


It is very popular for cloud storage, which is oldest , is it featured by ease and broad support for platforms, as well as speed in sync , with encryption of 256-bit AES, which means that your files in complete safety, and advantages it contains 2 GB of available space , cheap prices for capacity payments (for example, 100 GB are only $ 10 ) , and support for most platforms .

Application is available for Linux , you can download it via this link .

- The official website of the service : http://dropbox.com

3. Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive cloud service giant offers a free 15 GB of free space to store files and folders , which is integrated with Gmail, Google Docs and Google services .

You can install the client of Google Drive ( informal ) and find a detailed explanation on this link .

- The official website of the service : http://drive.google.com

4. Copy


A new service that provides safe and integrated cloud storage, and supports well-known platforms and gives you free storage capacity of 15 GB for free, it has a special client application for Linux you can download it from the official site .

- The official website of the service : https://www.copy.com/home



MEGA cloud storage service allows users to browse files and create folders and upload files and submit them , share, and more, with MEGA you can have 50 GB of storage files for free, and if you want more than that you can upgrade, Like other cloud storage services, MEGA uses a very high encryption on all files with an interface which is smooth and beautiful, the application of the MEGA client is available for Windows and Android, and is coming to the Mac and Linux soon.

 - The official website of the service : https://mega.co.nz

There are many other useful cloud services such as Box and OneDrive and SpiderOak and pCloud and others.

What do you think of this list ? What is the cloud service that you use to store your files ?


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