Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Canonical announced the end of life of the Ubuntu One

Canonical announced the end of life of the Ubuntu One

Today with deep sorrow , and after 5 years of its launch, Canonical developer of Ubuntu distro and storage service cloud Ubuntu One announced the end of life of Ubuntu One, the company decided to stop for several reasons, the most important is the cost of maintenance and large of operation, while the service income does not cover the costs, and that the service did not never reach for global competition where Canonical tells that the service suffers from a lot of the problems of slow , suspension and some of the bugs and they are not able to compete with other services such as Dropbox or Google Drive, the company explained in an article that if it wants to reach the service to the global competition, it will be necessary to invest a lot of money where, Canonical could not do it, and therefore decided to stop the service .

This also means the end of life of Ubuntu One Music , which let you buy music and sync to multiple phones and also means that other services related to Ubuntu One service will not exist in Ubuntu 14.04 , all these services will stop working in the first of the month next June , and all the files in it will be removed completely in 31 of the month of July of next year.


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