Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ubuntu 14.04 features


Ubuntu 14.04 features

After new version of the most famous free operating system in the world Ubuntu 14.04 was unveiled, there were some new features you should know about in order to use this operating system in its fullest.

But, what 's new ? !

Ubuntu 14.04 has come with many beautiful features. Lets take a quick tour in Ubuntu 14.04 highlighting the latest features and properties located on this version ; according to many beta users of this version of Ubuntu, it is impressive in performance, and appearance...

1 . New lock screen  integrated beautifully with the Unity interface

Unity 7 got a new lock screen of its own, and so instead of using Access Manager LightDM as a screen lock , which is integrated with a smart interface Unity.

ubuntu 14.04 lock screen

2 . Has been improved to support Retina screens

Improved to support Ritina screens in Ubuntu 14.04, like those in the MacBook, in addition, the improvements support screens in general.

3 . Has been improved to support Nvidia Optimus

The latest version of the package nvidia-prime is available for installation on Ubuntu 14.04 which allows the better identification of display cards devices and solve problems related to server X.Org, because users can easily switch between display card Intel and Nvidia using the package nvidia-prime.

4 . Enable TRIM system for SSD from Intel and Samsung

TRIM is that thing that allows the operating system to notifie the drive (SSD) to improve the performance and speed of the system by deleting unused files in order to solve the problem of slow computer ; If you want to read more about TRIM Click here .

5 . Restore local property listings

For as long as the menu bar and regulations in the past versions of Ubuntu is present in the upper band of the system, but now it has been re- property local listings which allow to show the menu bar withing the application and not separated from it :

local property listings

- To enable this feature , follow these images :

system settings

system settings

in the window's title bar

6 . Add property "Minimize on Click"

The feature of "Minimize on Click" was not included in any other version of Ubuntu except 14.04, It minimizes the application while clicking on it from the Unity Launcher, and in fact it is disabled by default , but you can activate it by following this pictures :

- First, install the compizconfig-settings-manager, then follow these images :

compizconfig settings manager

compizconfig settings manager

compizconfig settings manager

7 . The possibility to better Minimize Unity Launcher

The Canonical added more low measurements for Unity launcher, and now you can reduce the size of the launcher up to 16 pixels, which is the lowest possible supported size, giving you more space on the screen ( you can also do the Auto-hide option instead .)


8 . Removing borders or frames for windows for ambiance theme ( the default theme for Ubuntu )

Removing borders or frames

9 . Softer edges of the windows

Another change gives you a look sharper and smoother , especially in high-definition screens , has been soften and refine the boundaries of the windows so that they look better , see the following picture to understand the meaning :

Softer edges of the windows

10 . Filtering opened Windows by keyboard "Unity Spread"

If you do not know what is the Unity Spread, when pressing the keys (Super " Windows logo button " + letter W) you will have several windows open, and then you type.

The following video explains the meaning :

Now as soon as you write something and you're inside the property spread it will bring the application closest to the letters written , for example, you have two applications are open one Firefox and other VLC, when you type "fire ...." without the need to complete the call , it shall promptly bring the program Firefox open , and so on ...

Unity Spread

11 . Super + L keys has Been assigned to lock the screen

Canonical has set the shortcut Super + L to lock the screen by default; It is the preferred method for many users.

12 . Improve and enlarge the possibility of reducing the size of the windows , and alignment

View the following video to understand the meaning :

13 . In addition to the apps, extensions , and improvements in performance and appearance, and bug fixes , along with other benefits you can discover on your own.

ubuntu's apps


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The release of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS


The release of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Finally, after a long wait, Canonical announced the launch of version 14.04 of the Linux distribution most popular around the world, Ubuntu, the new version named Trusty Tahr which is featured as being long support LTS will be supported for 5 years and  with`` patches'' security updates.

Lot of updates comes the new version of Ubuntu as well as the updates on the unity 7 interface with the provide of unity 8 interface and the server of the display Mir for experimentation, soften the edges of the windows as long as with The new interface lock screen, display support technology HiDPl screens Retina with improved technical support for Nvidia Optimus, latest versions of applications such as Firefox 28 and LibreOffice 4.2.3 Linux kernel 3.13.

We will review more updates on coming topics, you can download the new version from Here :

Download Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.


Cinnamon 2.2 is released


Cinnamon 2.2 is released

In last few days Cinnamon version 2.2 was released, bringing many of the various improvements , including system settings , and support for display screens HiDPI / Retina, in addition, many other changes are interesting ; a better interface for Linux (according to many Linux users ) .

In this version of Cinnamon, the user interface was improved with System setting, making it look more harmonious and consistent, and settings has been sorted better, making developers remove the option to switch between normal mode to display settings and advanced mode because the interface settings are becoming more favorable than ever before.

Improvements in public settings Cinnamon

1 . Hot Corners and HUD

- The HUD now no longer appear only when you drag a window close and very clear about the party or the angle desktop .
- As there has been improvement on hot corners .

Hot Corners and HUD

2 . Screensaver and power management

There is now a clear separation between the settings screen lock and power management settings .

Screensaver and power management

3 . Date and time

New options have been added , such as : Added "Use 24-hour pattern " to the applet Calendar and clock desk and screen saver.

Date and time

4 . The regional settings and keyboard layouts

Has been removed entirely regional settings, but has been keeping the keyboard layouts and transferred to the input Keyboard settings within the existing system settings .

5 . Applets

 Another improvement is interesting is that each applet now capable of recording roles that tell the interface Cinnamon job required that allow for Cinnamon to control the hide icons applets in the system tray next to the clock ; For example : You removed the applet network of tape , small message will appear in Chinese system tells you , " Do you want to re- applet to the tape ? " And then the message will disappear after the passage of time .

6 . File browser

Nemo a file browser has received many different enhancements such as support for screens HiDPI, as well as add a folder recent sidebar which displays the latest files and folders that has had recently , and the ability to switch between tabs ( tabs ) by keys ctrl + (shift +) + tab, and add a button create a new folder to the toolbar, and reforms of the bug .

File browser

File browser

Other changes

- Support screens HiDPI / Retina ( requires GTK 3.10)
- Add option to uninstall the application from the menu Menu ( pressure affidavit mouse on "Uninstall")
- Better support to prevent the screen saver from working while running the media player VLC
- Support for brightness control ( lighting laptop ) on some devices
- Better support for Xrandr cloning
- Better support to the Director of Access GDM ( especially when switching users )
- Better integration with GNOME (it will no longer see the " control center Cinnamon " on GNOME does not " GNOME Control Center " on Cinnamon , in case you installed the Usbandtin on your computer , any rather there is no conflict ) .
- Better support for systemd / logind
- You can now change the amount of transparency for the popups , or obfuscated , and that by moving the mouse wheel on the title bar of the window , ( This option is available in the System Settings> Windows)


system settings

- More improvements and other revisions to the errors and fixes to the performance.

* Cinnamon will be available by default on Linux Mint 17 distribution, when released, and will be available to install on other distributions soon.


Friday, April 18, 2014

FirefoxOS 2.0 Design review [leaked]


FirefoxOS 2.0 Design review

A German website has revealed some images of the new version of FirefoxOs which is FirefoxOS 2.0, and it shows much improvement, as a Chinese developers has leaked some pictures of the future interface which shows obvious similarities with Apple iOS 7, And here are the pictures :

- List of calls  and contacts :

firefoxos - List of calls  and contacts

- E-mail client, and Calendar :

firefoxos - E-mail client, and Calendar

firefoxos - E-mail client, and Calendar

- List of contacts :

firefoxos - List of contacts

-   Lock Screen :

firefoxos -   Lock Screen

- An application to send messages and make conversations :

firefoxos - An application to send messages and make conversations

- Multimedia Player :

firefoxos - Multimedia Player

What is your impression about this interface ?


Android Studio: Editor software for Android development


Android Studio: Editor software for Android development

Android Studio, is a software editor (IDE), to develop Android, which is a nice alternative to the famous software editor Eclipse (Eclipse is also available on Linux), and in this post we show how to install Android Studio on Ubuntu.

- To install the Android Studio on Ubuntu 14.04 \ 13.10 Open the terminal and run the following three commands:

 sudo apt-add-repository ppa:paolorotolo/android-studio
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install android-studio

- If you want to uninstall it, run the following two commands:

 sudo apt-get install ppa-purge 
 sudo ppa-purge ppa:paolorotolo/android-studio


Indian state turns to Linux


Indian state turns to Linux

The State of India which is called "Tamil Nadu" turned to Linux operating system, in the same time as Microsoft announced the end of life of Windows XP .

The management of technology and information of the country proposed to make Linux as an alternative to Windows XP on all computers owned by it, One of the main reasons for choosing Linux over Windows 8 is not supporting old devices.

I have chosen for this task a distribution (BOSS Linux) which is an abbreviation for " Bharat Operating System Solutions " , a distribution developed by CDAC ( Development Center of Advanced Computing ), and it's Indian government initiative .

In fact, many other countries around the world have turned to open-source recently , and perhaps the end of support for Windows XP was a catalyst for that matter , where in the last month, a Spanish island made a transition to open source and the cities of Munich and Berlin , as well as the police of the French capital , as well as that many of the other states considering the move to open source .

Do you think that the end of the Windows XP was a contributing factor in the transition of countries to open source ? Do you think it will contribute to increase the share of Linux on the market ?


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Top 5 alternatives for Ubuntu One


Top 5 alternatives for Ubuntu One

After the end of the life of Ubuntu One cloud storage service, many users of this service are looking for another alternative to it, and in this article we will present the best alternatives for 5 Ubuntu One :

1. OwnCloud


It it free cloud platform, open source file storage and sync, a multi-platform (Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS) which comes with Photo Gallery sharing and with calendar integration also includes a PDF viewer and a text editor, and a set of applications that can be added to the front of the Web of OwnCloud, with high security and privacy .

- The official website of the service : http://owncloud.org

2. Dropbox


It is very popular for cloud storage, which is oldest , is it featured by ease and broad support for platforms, as well as speed in sync , with encryption of 256-bit AES, which means that your files in complete safety, and advantages it contains 2 GB of available space , cheap prices for capacity payments (for example, 100 GB are only $ 10 ) , and support for most platforms .

Application is available for Linux , you can download it via this link .

- The official website of the service : http://dropbox.com

3. Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive cloud service giant offers a free 15 GB of free space to store files and folders , which is integrated with Gmail, Google Docs and Google services .

You can install the client of Google Drive ( informal ) and find a detailed explanation on this link .

- The official website of the service : http://drive.google.com

4. Copy


A new service that provides safe and integrated cloud storage, and supports well-known platforms and gives you free storage capacity of 15 GB for free, it has a special client application for Linux you can download it from the official site .

- The official website of the service : https://www.copy.com/home



MEGA cloud storage service allows users to browse files and create folders and upload files and submit them , share, and more, with MEGA you can have 50 GB of storage files for free, and if you want more than that you can upgrade, Like other cloud storage services, MEGA uses a very high encryption on all files with an interface which is smooth and beautiful, the application of the MEGA client is available for Windows and Android, and is coming to the Mac and Linux soon.

 - The official website of the service : https://mega.co.nz

There are many other useful cloud services such as Box and OneDrive and SpiderOak and pCloud and others.

What do you think of this list ? What is the cloud service that you use to store your files ?


Monday, April 14, 2014

Windows XP look and Linux save the old PCs


Windows XP look and Linux save the old PCs

The end of support for Windows XP is leading many to wonder what to do, and there are many people who would like to keep their computer and simply change the operating system. The advice in these case is often to install Linux , and to make the transition less traumatic than we think now. A new theme for Lubuntu : it's called Lubuntu XP with Three Flavors that make this distribution almost identical to XP.

Lubuntu is an Ubuntu "light" , and therefore particularly suitable for computer now especially for those born with Windows XP. Like other versions of Linux , however , its appearance creates some concern to those accustomed to Windows for a lifetime.

Then why Lubuntu XP Three Flavors is interesting : the operating system is always Lubuntu of course, but those who came from the Windows Xp will feel at home straight away because it will regain color scheme , background, and even the menu icons.

An inexperienced computer user could easily swap Lubuntu for XP , and even those who know the differences might not notice the "exchange" passing quickly in front of a monitor. It would be worthwhile to do a test by installing "Lubuntu XP" to see if you notice the changes.

For the installation, it would be better to have someone expert, or at least not a complete fool . You have to download and install Lubuntu , first of all , and then add the theme Lubuntu+XP - there are others themes besides the one mentioned in this article. These things are not difficult to do, just do some search online and you will find what you look for .

A things done the old PC could find a new life and serve its owner for a long time , which would be good for your wallet , the environment and for the open source community - which would gain a few new users. All happy then , except perhaps Microsoft - which probably would prefer to sell a new license of Windows 8.


Download Elementary Os Luna Wallpapers


Download Elementary Os Luna Wallpapers

The Elementary OS wallpapers were unveiled and can be downloaded now. The package comes with 22 gorgeous wallpapers high resolution that can be used to give a new look to the desktop of your computer.

Here are some of the wallpapers included in this package :


Horseshoe Bend Sunset




Not all wallpapers are new: some (Cold Evening, Leaves, Starry River, The Coast and Water Lily) were also available and were included on Jupiter "to make sure they kept some familiarity in the mix," said in the main blog of Elementary Os.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

GOG.com will support Linux by Autumn


GOG.com will supporte Linux by Autumn

GOG company announced that a large number of classical games coming to Linux in autumn of this year .

This company , which its abbreviation stands for 'Good Old Games' and means " The finest older games " says that it will launch a range of game titles later this year , the GOG games  does not include digital restrictions (DRM), Among the game titles that offered by the store : Syndicate Wars, Unreal Tournament and Planescape: Torment

" We’ve decided that one of the next steps for us is to support Linux. Now, we’re not ready to launch Linux games on GOG.com just yet. We’ve only been working on bringing these Linux games to our service for a few months, and there’s lots more to go… "
First priority is to support Ubuntu and Linux Mint, and says that the number of games coming this Autumn  are more than 100 games , and more on the way.

These information are not enough, and no details of these upcoming games or classification mentioned .

Have you already tried one of GOG.com games?


Best 4 Antivirus softwares for Linux [ to remove Windows viruses ]


Best 4 Antivirus softwares for Linux

We all know that Linux is safe and does not need an antivirus at all because of its strong structure and the support of the community , but what if you have ( for example) a USB flash drive that carries viruses coming from windows machines , how can you remove these viruses so you can prevent them to spread to other windows computers.

You can check for the existence of viruses by Linux and remove them , before you linking it to Windows machine , fortunately , the Linux contains such application , and you can check the media external storage , or even the hard disk ; As mentioned in the thread title : " To remove Windows viruses " , which means that Linux itself does not need them.

1. ClamAV Antivirus

ClamAV Antivirus

It is the most popular antivirus open source , available for many Linux distributions , you can install it on Ubuntu and its derivatives by using the software center or using this command in Terminal :

sudo apt-get install clamav clamtk

2. AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus

This antivirus is very well known , and one of the most widely used software on Windows, available for some Linux distributions .

- To download it for Ubuntu and its derivatives click here.
- To download it for Fedora and its derivatives click here.

To run it , type in Terminal :

sudo avggui

3. F-PROT Antivirus

F-PROT Antivirus

It is an antivirus which is available for all Linux distributions , easy to use , fast and light on the device , click to here to download it .

4. BitDefender


BitDefender is a closed source Antivirus, and very popular developed by SOFTWIN Company , to install it on Ubuntu and Fedora, click here , and do the same method explained in the website.

Did you have used one of these applications ?