Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Windows 8.1 Adds Unity-Style Search Feature

Windows 8.1 Adds Unity-Style Search Feature

The next update of the system Windows 8 - which is what is known as Blue or 8.1 - adds a new search experience to the desktop, Ubuntu users will are already familiar with this because it is similar to the existing one in Ubuntu (Unity).

Windows 8.1 inbuilt feature called Windows Search to provide search results and not just the results of local applications , files and settings on your computer , but also from the Internet and social networking sites ; resembles the Unity Dash in Ubuntu .

While Microsoft does not create something away from what in Unity , it is fair to say that Ubuntu was the first operating system that has made ​​the equation : " Find anything , anywhere ," a key part of the desktop.

- Microsoft says : " You can see everything you can do on your computer in one part , you can be running applications , and operates music , and even bring the results of the Web ."

There is an additional resemblance which is: that the Unity interface displays search results in the application browser  (DASH) , which also benefits from property Unity previews ( Unity previews ) to add more information and procedures , and in this context, Windows 8.1 has a new feature similar called "Search Heroes ".

Unity aims to do something similar with another new feature Smart Scopes , which aims to find what you 're looking for and then shows you the results that match with it.

Because Microsoft has a full search engine "Bing" not to mention a wide range of media content sites , there is no doubt that the results will be incredibly accurate .

 The most important point in this issue is that Ubuntu has proven itself among its competitors through this feature .

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