Sunday, March 9, 2014

Update to MATE Linux desktop environment to version 1.8

Update to MATE Linux desktop environment to version 1.8

Developers of famous MATE desktop environment announced the launch of version 1.8 which comes with many new updates , in fact, it was supposed to the transfer the interface to the library GTK3 but due to working for its stability , it has been postponed to version 1.10 .

Version 1.8 of the MATE comes loaded with several changes , such as the possibility of using the window manager Metacity manager windows default in the interface via a new option in the control center , as well as to attach a guide special user interface with the new version , as well as the replacement package mate-bluetooth for blueman to manage Bluetooth devices , with several other changes.

Some screenshots : 

mate 1.8 appearance add to panel

mate 1.8 blueman

mate 1.8 desktop

mate 1.8 screensaver

mate 1.8 side-by side tiling

mate1.8 system menu

mate 1.8 control center

mate 1.8 user guide

mate 1.8 windows placement snap

To install MATE desktop, version 1.8, go to this page and follow the instructions.


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