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SimpleScreenRecorder: a powerful application to record the screen in Linux

SimpleScreenRecorder: a powerful application to record the screen in Linux

SimpleScreenRecorder is an application based on the QT for screen recording on Linux , and even though the name tells that it is simple (simple) but it is not so! It comes with features more than other similar applications , it is very easy to use, and its default settings are suitable enough to make you not need to change them .

You can record the entire screen , ( with support for multi-screen multi-monitor) as it can track the mouse , and applications with OpenGL ( you can use it to record games) .

You will notice that the user interface is easy and simple which enables you to choose the video input, and choose whether you want to record your mouse , or if you want to record Microphone , or adjust the frame rate .

- Features of the application :

Recording the entire screen or part of it, and recording games directly ( like Fraps program in Windows).
Synchronize audio and video correctly.
Faster than ffmpeg / avconv and VLC.
Reduce the video frame rate if your computer is too slow .
Smoother in video and better performance on computers with multiple processors , where the small delays that occur in the video in any of its components during the recording does not work on other components of a slowdown .
show registration Statistics  ( file size, transfer rate , the total time of registration , the actual frame rate , etc. .. )
Possibility to show the preview during recording.
And more ...

 Please note that the property of recording that supports OpenGL still in developed stage, so it may not behave nicely.

This video is recorded using SimpleScreenRecorder on Ubuntu 13.04 :

To install SimpleScreenRecorder on Ubuntu , open the terminal and run the following command :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: maarten-baert/simplescreenrecorder && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get-y install simplescreenrecorder

For Arch Linux users, the application is available in AUR.


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