Saturday, March 8, 2014

New Flash Player from Mozilla , based on HTML5

New Flash Player from Mozilla , based on HTML5

Shumway is a new project from Mozilla projects aimed to develop the Web and make it more open , the idea of ​​the project is simply playing SWF files for free, an open- source and written on HTML5 and Javascript.

It is still under development where Mozilla announced it in November 2012 , it is currently available only as an extension for Firefox ( and frankly did not know how to use it , although this still needs the flash to be used) , in Firefox 27 it exists , but not enabled by default and you can activate it from about: config

In any case, you can visit the project website and try some examples, such as a game of racing , or you can download the source from this link , do you think it would be an alternative to the Flash Player in the future?


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