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Firefox consumes a lot of memory - the solution is here

Firefox consumes a lot of memory - the solution is here

Sometimes Firefox consumes a lot of RAM, more than it needs . and this makes computer slow and freezing . This article explains how to solve this problem, in other words, making Firefox consumes a bit of RAM

1 - Update Firefox to the latest version

Of course later versions contain many developments , including fixes of bugs and  improvement of consumption of less memory.

To get the latest version of Firefox from here

2 - extensions and themes

Extensions and themes may make Firefox consumes a lot of RAM

To make sure that I'm right, open Firefox in "Safe Mode" , you will notice a difference in the consumption of resources and because in "Safe Mode" themes and extensions are disabled.

The idea that I want to explain here, is that we can disable some extensions or themes that consume lot of resources.

firefox safe mode

Some websites contains some unnecessary scripts and ADS which again consumes a lot of resources.

Here, are extensions that prevent the functioning of what we have said before.

Adblock Plus ===> prevent the appearance of ads.

Flashblock ===> disrupt the functioning of flash files , you can run it when you want by clicking a button appearing in the middle of the flash file.

No Script ===> disrupt the functioning of unnecessary scripts.

3 - extensions

Extensions which are not appropriate with the release of Firefox , especially older ones can cause in consumption largest amount of RAM.

Update your firefox Add ons.

Disable Add Ons that cause excessive consumption of Memory.

By going to tools >> Add-on

Firefox extensions

And disable them, those that consume more resources than they should.

Do not forget to close Firefox and reopen it after the operation in order to notice the difference.

4 - Check the option "Use hardware acceleration when available"

By Going to this Path.

Edit >> Preferences >> Advanced >> General

firefox hardware aceleration

5 - Restart Firefox

Opening and closing Firefox , especially after a long period of using it has a clear impact in putting an end to bad consumption of  resources.

6 - The use of a small number of Tabs

7 - Tools of Memory Troubleshooting

about: memory is a page that allows you to see the consumption of resources by the web pages.

And pressing the button "Minimize memory usage" at the top right of the page may reduce the consumption of resources.

Tools of Memory Troubleshooting

RAMBack is an extension that will help you to empty the memory.


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