Thursday, March 6, 2014

After the sale of WhatsAsp .. Telegram, the messaging application open source has a huge number of downloads


After Facebook company has bought WhatsAsp application with value of estimated $ 19 billion dollars , the users of WhatsAsp around the glob were concerned about the privacy policy may especially to its reputation in the field of privacy is bad and poked it, so the migration to other applications has taken place. The most prominent of these new applications," Telegram " open source application , which a lot of users have moved to it because of the strength of encrypted and similarity of the advantages of WhatsAsp and more ...

Up to this time , Telegram received more than 5 million new user and the migration still continue its process , it is the highest downloaded applications at all on the iPhone in 48 countries so far , after the company unveiled the evening of February 23 through twitter account official .
Telegram did not have this issue before, as we note in October 2013 that the number of active users does not exceed a hundred thousand per day, rose suddenly.

Telegram has not escaped from those cuts , Telegram stops due to the intense pressure on the server resulting from the increased number of users significantly , and the company said they are adding more servers and hire more workers to accommodate the largest number of users.

The company says : " We were expecting million as maximum , but it the registration started with 5 million users in a crazy and we were not ready adequacy ."

Telegram launched the iPhone in August 2013 and then on Android in October, the headquartered of the company is in Berlin , the application is developed by both the brothers Nikolai and Pavel Woodruff founder of Russian Social Network "VK".

" Telegram was built for all the people as an application messaging reliable , Telegram provids generous donations through a fund Digital Fortress Therefore , we have enough funds until the present time ; and invite users to donate if it is needed , or we'll add properties driven by new non- essential to the program ."

Telegram enjoys very high flexibility because it is open source , as developers can create new software based on Telegram which will perform the same function with the another new name.

Did you switch to the Telegram ? What do you think about it ?


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