Monday, March 31, 2014

Zukitwo theme is available now for GNOME 3.12


Zukitwo theme is available now for GNOME 3.12

Zukitwo is one of the most beautiful theme for GTK and Gnome Shell, finally, the creator of this theme moved it to GNOME Shell 3.12, and you can now try this theme in GNOME with  Zukitwo.

Click here to download the theme  (don't download it unless you have GNOME 3.12  because it will not work).

faenza icons

Talking about the beauty , you can also download the new version of the Faenza icons here.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

make your Linux machine a home file server using BitTorrent Sync


make your Linux machine a home file server using BitTorrent Sync

BitTorrent Sync is a free application developed by a BitTorrent team, it is multi-platform (Linux , Windows, Mac , Android, Windows Phone , iOS) it is a simple tool that uses the principle of protocol peer-to -peer (p2p) in order to synchronize live and direct to data with maximum security with high- speed of the network and in storage capacity , which works perfectly as a file server , it can synchronize and share an unlimited number of folders and files , whether big or small across all your devices.

Features :

- Access to all folders synced from Android device .
- The ability to add photos and videos, PDF files and DOCS from your Android device to any of the Sync folders.
- Automatic backup of your files (images, video , PDF, DOCS) to a folder on your computer.
- High encryption during data transfer .
- Your information will not be stored on a server in the cloud.

Screenshots of the application :

btsync gui

btsync gui prefs

btsync indicator

To install BitTorrent Sync in Ubuntu/Linux Mint open Terminal and run the following commands :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tuxpoldo/btsync
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install btsync btsync-gui

For the Arch Linux users, the BitTorrent Sync GUI can be found in AUR.

Create share folder in your home directory and give it the right permission (777) via command line :

cd ~/ && mkdir btsync-folder
chmod 777 btsync-folder

Now you can manage it from btsync or from the web browser by opening 

Enjoy !


Friday, March 28, 2014

After more than 30 years .. Microsoft gave away MS-DOS source code


After more than 30 years .. Microsoft gave away MS-DOS source code

After more than three decades of its launch , the History Museum Computer in collaboration with Microsoft Corporation. to launch the source code of MS-DOS system which was released in the eighties of the last century and designed to work on IBM devices in that time, Microsoft released two versions of the MS-DOS source code, one of version 1.1, and the two of version 2.0, the funny thing is that their size, as compressed together is only 800 KB.

Microsoft has also gave away Word 1.1 source code to which was released in 1989 , the source code is about 7 MB in size and mostly written in the language C , but there are parts written Assembly.


Microsoft Word , the one which is released in 1989 , occupied more than 90 % of the use of the editors in that time.

word processor market share

To download the MS-DOS source code, click here.
To download the Microsoft Word source code, click here.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

EagleGet is the best Internet Download Manager, but ...


EagleGet is the best Internet Download Manager, but ...

Although the download manager applications in Linux meet the required purpose , but they still need some features that make them up to the ideal and professional , as in the IDM and EagleGet.

EagleGet is a recent application with a better performance and apearence, and was able to beat the IDM which was the best at its time, but by 2013, it turned upside down and EagleGet appeared on the scene.

EagleGet has a lot of advantages that make it an ideal and perfect application for Downloading files , to read a list of its features , click here.

So, what is required ? !

Quite simple, you have to register in the forum EagleGet through this link , after registering and activating the membership via your e -mail , visit the [ [ this Topic ] and type comment upon it, " we want a copy of the application EagleGet on the Linux Os ". Use it in your own words ; and the greater the number of comments on the subject the greater the opportunity to create a version of the software for Linux.

I ask you to publish the subject, or Tell your friends to put a comment in the forum, until the developers are convinced to make a copy of the software for Linux .

Some Screenshots of EagleGet :

Downloading in EagleGet

eagleget configuration

EagleGet completed task

EagleGet task cleaner


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Download Ubuntu 14.04 wallpapers


Download Ubuntu 14.04 wallpapers

With the release of the beta version of Ubuntu 14.04, a set of backgrounds or wallpapers have come with it loaded by default, they are beautiful backgrounds indeed, if you do not want to use Ubuntu 14.04 for whatever reasons, but you like the backgrounds you can download them from here.

Some Wallpapers :

Backyard Mushrooms - Kurt Zitzelman

Beach - Renato Giordanelli

Berries - Tom Kijas

Forever Shady S

Foggy Forest-Jake Stewart

Ibanez Infinity - Jaco Kok

Jelly Fish-RaDu GaLaN

Mono Lake - Angela Henderson

Partitura - Vincijun

Reflections - Trenton Fox

Sea Fury - Ian Worrall

Water web - Tom Kijas


Maxthon skipped the beta


Maxthon skipped the beta

Today, the famous Chinese web browser Maxthon Skip beta stage and released officially the stable version of it, you can download it from the official website, Click here to read the change log.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Intel Graphics Installer tool for Linux


Intel Graphics Installer tool for Linux

It is rare to find Companies of hardware interested in Linux , well, at least not with Intel , which has recently launched what is known as Intel Graphics Installer, which is a graphical application that Intel itself develops to install the latest version of the Graphic card definition and to make easy to update.

The application is available to work on Ubuntu and Fedora only , and is available for 32 and 64 bits, you can download it from the following link depending on your distribution.


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Things you didn't know about VLC


1 - Take a Snapshot :

While watching a video, in some cases, you'll want take some pictures from it , you can do it using the application inside the VLC called "Snapshot", just click on the "Video" menu located top and you will see the option "Take Snapshot"

But, I think the easiest way to do it, is by pressing Shift + S

vlc take snapshots

By default the captured image will be saved in a folder called "vlc-snapshots", to change the path, you need to go to this location "Tools > Preferences < videos" as the pictures shows.

change vlc-snapshots

2 - Opening the video from the time you want to start from :

You can do it from opening "Media> Open (advanced)" and it will appear a window , in that window make sure that the option "show more options" is activated and then you will see the option "start time".

start time vlc

3 - convert media files :

To begin converting between formats, you need to go to this location "Media> Convert" and of course you need to put the file path and path after the conversion and also the format that you want to convert them to.

vlc convert medias

4 - Play video files in ASCII mode :

You can do that by going to "Tools> Preferences" , or by clicking (ctrl + p) then choose ascii from the list

vlc ascii mode

5 - Recording the Desktop :

I have a feeling that the majority don't know that VLC can record the desktop.
To record your desktop using VLC, you need to go to this path "Media > streaming > capture device".

Now change "capture mode" to "Desktop" and click "stream" to begin recording.

Do as you do when you play a media file, such as pausing, stopping ...

vlc records the desktop


16 Useful VLC keyboard shortcuts


16 Useful VLC keyboard shortcuts

If you're like me , you prefer to do things quickly. Using keyboard shortcuts to help shorten the time instead of looking for things such as buttons and lists ,  more time to enjoy the music and videos . So you need to check this list of 16 Useful VLC keyboard shortcuts. It makes life easier I think.

SPACE                        :     Pause or Play again.
F                                  :      Full screen or back to normal size.
Ctrl + Up / Down        :      Control the volume of sound.
M                                :      Mute the sound.
T                                 :      Show the remaining time.
+/-                               :      Speed or slow the media.
S                                 :      Stop the media.
Ctrl+H                        :      Hide the buttons and the interface in general.
E                                 :     Watch video clips frame by frame.
V                                :      Enable translation or disable it.
P                                 :      Play previous media in the playlist.
N                                :      Play next media in the playlist.
Ctrl + T                      :     Go exactly to time you specify.
Ctrl + P                      :     Go to VLC preferences.
Ctrl + L                      :     Show the playlist or hide it.
L                                :     Loop the media or the playlist or disable looping.


Friday, March 21, 2014

The easiest way to auto clean up your trash


The easiest way to auto clean up your trash

I noticed when I remove files either torrent files, or photos, videos ..., they just go to the Trash
and I go to Trash to remove them for the last time.

What I want to show here, is a way to let you do an auto clean for your Trash, without your Intervention.

To make that happens, just follow the instructions :

rm -r ~/.local/share/Trash/files/*

This command just cleans the Trash.

But we want to auto clean it, so we install this application first : crontab trick

and run the following command :

@daily rm -r ~/.local/share/Trash/files/*

Now you have an automatic daily cleaning for your Trash.

To do it without a need of any additional application, you simply go to Startup Application Preferences.

And add the previous command which is :

rm -r ~/.local/share/Trash/files/*

auto clean trash

Enjoy !


Thursday, March 20, 2014

How to change keyboard layouts in Openbox, Icewm, Razor-qt ...


How to change keyboard layouts in Openbox, Icewm, Razor-qt ...

Many people suffer from a problem with switching between keyboard layouts in lightweight desktop environments or lightweight window managers like ***box family, Icewm, E17 etc...

The problem does not seem to be that hard if you looked wisely, with this simple command, you can solve that problem so easily :

setxkbmap -option grp:switch,grp:alt_shift_toggle,grp_led:­scroll us,fr

You see, I chosen French and English American to switch from, you can choose you own.

And the keys we hint to change the keyboard layout are : ALT+SHIFT, of course you chose what you like.

Changes are temporary, we need to perform this command in every session , so it will be painful.
To make changes permanent, we have to put the command in .bashrc which is located in the Home directory.

nano .bashrc

Now, paste the command in that file, and press  CTRL+O to save, then  CTRL+X to exit.

Enjoy !


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Listening to music via terminal


Listening to music via terminal
We can listen to music in Terminal using Mplayer. For whom don't know what Mplayer is, it is an open source software for multimedia which can play a wide variety of media formats, it is multi-platform which means, this application works in Linux, and other Unix-like systems, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X...

To listen to music in Terminal, you must have Mplayer installed on your machine. or install it by the following command.

For Ubuntu / Mint users :

sudo apt-get install mplayer

For Arch Linux users :

sudo pacman -S mplayer

Go to directory, you want to play music from, for me, it is "Music" :

cd Music

Then play, music you want :

mplayer loveme.mp3

If you to play all mp3 files on that directory :

mplayer *.mp3

If you want to play them all :

mplayer *

You can also play two pieces of music or more, depending on you :

mplayer loveme.mp3 && mplayer hateme.mp3

mplayer in terminal


SkypeTab NG (next generation) adds tabs to Skype


SkypeTab NG (next generation) adds tabs to Skype

SkypeTab NG is a simple application with a graphical interface to make conversations voice and video on Linux, and it has many cool features , such as its support to many window managers such as Compiz, Openbox, Xfwm and Kwin, moreover it makes controlling the interface so easy and put all the windows within one window for easier access and more ..

skype tabs in linux

To install it in, Ubuntu :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: keks9n/skypetab sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install skypetab-ng 

The application for Arch users is available on the AUR.

For other Linux distributions, visit here.

Note : The application needs Skype to work properly ..

Enjoy !

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

PlayStation 4 uses a modified distribution of FreeBSD 9.0 [ Rumor ]


PlayStation 4 uses a modified distribution of FreeBSD 9.0 [ Rumor ]

The rumor has appeared and spread over the Internet about the PlayStation 4 which tells that PlayStation 4 is running a modified version of the Unix distribution FreeBSD 9.0.

This information is not completely verified, but in fact Sony is not a stranger to the open source community.

As we can all remember for sure, the Playstation 3 has an option called OtherOS which allows users to run Linux system, unfortunately it has been removed later.

The image posted on which has been taken from VGLeaks indicate that the PlayStation 4 runs Orbis OS which is based on the FreeBSD 9.0 system.

The FreeBSD is a free open source operating system, Unix-like which has been derived from Unix of AT & T.

Playstation 4 uses freebsd

Playstation 4 uses freebsd

Playstation 4 uses freebsd


Monday, March 17, 2014

The default background of Ubuntu 14.04


The default background of Ubuntu 14.04

Canonical and the developer team of Ubuntu Revealed  that the desktop default background of the Ubuntu 14.04 will be released during the fourth month of this year.

As shown in the picture - and although it is similar to the previous default backgrounds - but it has improved significantly, so it looks more comfortable and beautiful, it looks like the welcome screen in Ubuntu Phone.

- To download the new background click here.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Firefox consumes a lot of memory - the solution is here


Firefox consumes a lot of memory - the solution is here

Sometimes Firefox consumes a lot of RAM, more than it needs . and this makes computer slow and freezing . This article explains how to solve this problem, in other words, making Firefox consumes a bit of RAM

1 - Update Firefox to the latest version

Of course later versions contain many developments , including fixes of bugs and  improvement of consumption of less memory.

To get the latest version of Firefox from here

2 - extensions and themes

Extensions and themes may make Firefox consumes a lot of RAM

To make sure that I'm right, open Firefox in "Safe Mode" , you will notice a difference in the consumption of resources and because in "Safe Mode" themes and extensions are disabled.

The idea that I want to explain here, is that we can disable some extensions or themes that consume lot of resources.

firefox safe mode

Some websites contains some unnecessary scripts and ADS which again consumes a lot of resources.

Here, are extensions that prevent the functioning of what we have said before.

Adblock Plus ===> prevent the appearance of ads.

Flashblock ===> disrupt the functioning of flash files , you can run it when you want by clicking a button appearing in the middle of the flash file.

No Script ===> disrupt the functioning of unnecessary scripts.

3 - extensions

Extensions which are not appropriate with the release of Firefox , especially older ones can cause in consumption largest amount of RAM.

Update your firefox Add ons.

Disable Add Ons that cause excessive consumption of Memory.

By going to tools >> Add-on

Firefox extensions

And disable them, those that consume more resources than they should.

Do not forget to close Firefox and reopen it after the operation in order to notice the difference.

4 - Check the option "Use hardware acceleration when available"

By Going to this Path.

Edit >> Preferences >> Advanced >> General

firefox hardware aceleration

5 - Restart Firefox

Opening and closing Firefox , especially after a long period of using it has a clear impact in putting an end to bad consumption of  resources.

6 - The use of a small number of Tabs

7 - Tools of Memory Troubleshooting

about: memory is a page that allows you to see the consumption of resources by the web pages.

And pressing the button "Minimize memory usage" at the top right of the page may reduce the consumption of resources.

Tools of Memory Troubleshooting

RAMBack is an extension that will help you to empty the memory.