Tuesday, February 18, 2014

ReactOS Project. The Windows open source

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ReactOS aims to create an open and free replacement for the Windows NT family of Microsoft operating systems, without breaking compatibility with applications and drivers code. The NT architecture has always had great flexibility and dominance in the ICT industry , with its latest incarnation being Windows 8.

The project aims to enhance the strengths of the NT family and at the same time avoiding their vulnerabilities of old versions , maintaining a light environment in which computer resources are directed to what really matters , programs .

ReactOS 0.3.16 is still under constant development ( alpha phase ) so it is not ready for everyday use.

ReactOS Project. The windows open source

You can help the ReactOS project making it known through word of mouth, monetarily contributing to the ReactOS Foundation or devoting your time in the project ( submitting a patch , helping with translation , writing in community forums , and so on) .

Official web site : http://reactos.org


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