Monday, February 17, 2014

Internet Download Manager Alternative For Linux, Flareget

Internet Download Manager Alternative For Linux, Flareget

Flarigat is a Download Manager which is perfect new and advanced , fast and light and small size. It it one of the best application for downloading on Linux, because of Its features which we will discuss about after, and because of Its resemblance to IDM.

Download speed is amazing !

flareget download speed

FlareGet uses a hashing algorithm files dynamic and powerful to speed up downloading , It divide of the downloading process into several parts to increase speed , and uses lines of communication HTTP (Http-Pipelining) , that accelerates every part with up to six times.

Free and clean 100%

flareGet is free and will remain so , which does not contain any malicious software or software espionage , and it is easy to install and is available as a package deb. As well as the rpm.

Support multiple protocols

flareGet supports protocols HTTP, HTTPS , FTP, and Http-Pipelining and HTTPS protocols

Intelligent file management

The program uses a smart file management system , where the work of the automatic classification of files that you have downloaded based on the basis of its extension , as all downloads are grouped in different folders according to its type . (Example: you have downloaded the " video file " , the file will be put in Videos folder, for the program is located in the folder Downloads, and if you download the image , it will put It in the Images folder, and so on with different file formats ... . ) such as IDM.

Flarigat program under the license Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License V3.0

flareget download manager

flareget download manager

Flarigat available for Ubuntu , Linux Mint , Fedora , Mandriva , Open Suse , and a few other distributions ..

To download the latest version of the program Click Here.

To integrate Flarigat with the browser you should buy their own add-on for $ 10, but we will shortly explain how to integrate Flarigat in Firefox using an add-on called FlashGot.

Their add-on works in most internet browser unlike FlashGot which works only in Firefox.


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