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7 best email clients on Linux

7 best email clients on Linux

In the age of mobile computing and e-mail services as Gmail, Outlook , most users do not care to open their e-mail client ( program ) to check their e-mails ; However, there are some cases where the e-mail client is much better than a web browser .

Linux has many e-mail clients , the following list is the best e-mail clients in general , and in particular in the field of business:

1- Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozila Thunderbird

Thunderbird email is and intelligent client and highly respected , Thunderbird is flexible high as can be customized by the thousands of add-ons and you can also import address books and e-mail filters and Outlook PST files and even appearances.

You can add support for the calendar to Thunderbird by adding Lightning, and the Thunderbird supports accounts POP, IMAP and can pick The Settings and the appropriate settings of the network, in addition to the automatic tuning of the accounts of Gmail , Yahoo , and more recently has gained support for MS Exchange and books headlines by adding "ExQuilla" ( experimental free for 60 days ) . It supports integration with Google Chat Google Chat.

In spite of the previous features above , except that Thunderbird is not without flaws , and perhaps one of the largest of which is the author of the e- mail composer and mail list that needs a facelift and improvement in its public face and fix some bugs , and apart from that , the addition of Lightning calendar are not integrated into the desktop environment GNOME , and that he can not set those added as a client default calendar ; the Thunderbird installed by default on both Ubuntu and Linux Mint, which is available for installation on all Linux distributions .

2- Evolution


It is the oldest email clients in Linux , and supports a wide range of protocols also enjoy integration with the GNOME desktop environment fully with the support synchronization of Gmail accounts with the books headlines and calendars , Evolution is the best e-mail client when it comes to the accounts of Gmail; addition to support the accounts of MS Exchange 2003 -2010 .

However , the creation of mailboxes exchange is not that simple , and the other negative is the slow download messages , Evolution painfully slow in downloading, and downloading of messages has been improved over the years but, it's still very slow compared to Thunderbird .

Evolution is Available on Linux only ( It's available on the Mac , but are not updated regularly ) , Evolution is the default mail client in past versions of Ubuntu , which is available for installation on other Linux distributions , and it is good to be used with the GNOME desktop environment .

3- Zimbra Desktop

Zimbra Desktop

We'll talk a little bit about this program , it uses Java and thus is draining a lot of computer resources ( it is advisable to use a computer memory RAM 4 GB and above) , it supports protocols IMAP and POP, Zimbra is slow to start , but it is stable and works perfectly , and has a number of additions and protocols supports for Microsoft Exchange , It is a multi-platform it runs on Linux , Windows, Mac .

4- Opera Mail

Opera Mail

Opera Mail client is merged with the famous Opera web browser , has a clean interface and cleaner interfaces in business and very fast in loading and supports IMAP and POP protocols and messages supports HTML.

However, there are problems with the signatures , It is not allowed to add signatures at the top when you reply to the message and customization options are limited .

5- Claws Mail

Claws Mail

Claws program has a high-speed , which does not support HTML by default , It is undoubtedly the best mail program if you prefer to ordinary text messages, It supports the installation of additions and accounts protocols supports IMAP and POP.

6- KMail


KMail holds a lot of features within it and a number of additions , It can import mail filters and tags from Thunderbird and Evolution and integrates with the calendar KOrganiser, however, It has some flaws.
If you install it another desktop environment, It will  integrate deeply with interface KDE This means  It will install interface KDE fully (full KDE Desktop), and It does not support the accounts of MS Exchange, also has many problems such as : It does not import correctly , filters \ mail filters may not work sometimes (if there is a very large number of messages coming ) , does not support signatures correctly , and , if these problems are solved, KMail may become strong ; and Sticky default in KDE interface .

7- Geary Mail

Geary Mail

It is the latest e-mail program on Linux and has a clean interface and supports the display of the conversation and coordination fronted beautiful and nice and fast in loading , Geary supports messages HTML, and auto-complete for address books and settings for automated accounts, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Geary supports accounts protocols IMAP and POP only for the time being ; however , but the customization options are limited, no support for the line the original , does not support signatures , It is still under development because it is relatively recent , and this program has the potential to be one of the best mail client at all in Linux because of its potential large , which is available for installation on Ubuntu and Linux Mint and most Linux distributions .

What do you think of the list above ? Is there another client program do you prefer?...


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