Thursday, February 13, 2014

6 Best Linux distributions for kids

6 Best Linux distributions for kids

In this article, we'll show the six best Linux distributions for children , from the age of two and above , the goal of choosing Linux here is to make their brains more susceptible to innovation , openness and freedom and the ability to exploration in the future , as is the case in the philosophy of open source .

1- Qimo


Qimo , is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu with desktop environment designed specifically for kids , and comes with educational toys suitable for 3 years and above , comes with an intuitive interface and very easy with large icons so that he can see it from a young age .

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2- Sugar


Sugar , distribution based on Fedora are designed for portable devices and Notebooks, designed also for the project of Professor Nicolas Negroponte's ( Laptop for every kid "(OLPC)") dedicated to kids , and is a radical departure from the traditional desktop and makes it more fun and easier to teaching and programming capabilities in computing.

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3- Edubuntu


Is a derivative of Ubuntu officially supported , aimed at primary and secondary schools , and has three different attributes : "young", "plain", "default" and contains some beautiful software .

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4- LinuxKidX


This distribution is based on Slackware and KDE as the default desktop environment, It includes many of the scientific and academic programming and many programs for children , suitable for two years and above .

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5- Foresight for Kids

Foresight for Kids

The distribution Foresight for Kids derived from Foresight Linux distribution that contains the default
GNOME interface , and include educational programs , sports and games , a suitable age three onwards.

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6- Doudou Linux

Doudou Linux

Dudu Linux , based on Debian and is therefore very stable , has recast the entire desktop to make it as easy as possible for children , including a number of games and sports programs with interactive interface and neat division of the list interface.

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