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5 Top Linux distributions

5 Top Linux distributions

In this post I will mention 5 best Linux distributions I have tested them myself and seemed to be the best distributions appropriate for beginners , and for advanced users Lot of distributions and versions I have tested , let me consider the following list of distributions as the best distributions usable appropriately for all categories :

1- Linux Mint

Linux Mint

Linux Mint distribution is based on Ubuntu ( and therefore a Ubuntu modified ) , but Mint makes it easy to use Ubuntu for the end user , because it contains a user-friendly interface and the process is very suitable for those who are coming from Windows , it is reserved for modern devices and old ones , It comes with a version called MATE suitable for middle devices and old ones, and Cinnamon which is stylish and allocated to the modern machines. Out of the box, It comes with many applications, codecs, sources, easy updates, and quick access to the applications.

2- Elementary OS

Elementary OS

Elementary distribution is beautiful and very elegant , based on Ubuntu , it's the most beautiful Linux distribution , but is the most beautiful operating system in the world, It comes with Its own interface called Pantheon Shell , which is a mixture between the Mac and the special touch Merged effects lively , this beauty did not affect the smoothness and speed of the system, It is stable and smooth .

3- Pear OS

Pear OS

Pear OS is Imitation of Mac, based on Ubuntu , and the interface used is modified version of WingPanel  which is used in the distribution elementary that we have mentioned before and is called Pear Shell, the advantage of this distribution is to combine the simplicity and beauty , and specifically targeted to fans of Mac , it contains an app to clean the system and another to customize it.

4- Netrunner


Netrunner is Linux distribution with the KDE interface, It is the best distro based on Ubuntu that shapes with KDE, because its aim is to look so easy to use and convenient for the end user, It is featured by Its speed and easy to access everything on It, similar to Windows and very convenient for those who come from Windows .

5- Manjaro


Manjaro, distribution based on Arch, Where the role Manjaro is to It easy for using arch Linux, to make it suitable for the novice and steadily and the stability, it is user-friendly and high customization, Manjaro comes with XFCE and Openbox as the core ( We recommend that you choose XFCE).

Note : that we did not mention Ubuntu and that does not mean it's bad , but it is the source of all distributions that we have mentioned , except the last one , but these distributions mentioned workes to improve the usability of Ubuntu, so they make the best of It in Usability .

If you have any other opinion, let me know about It in the comments below.


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