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5 reasons why Cinnamon is best interface on Linux

5 reasons why Cinnamon is best interface on Linux

Cinnamon Interface is one of the latest interfaces on Linux environment , It is a derivation (Fork) of GNOME Shell , but it is distinct from the GNOME Shell with a lot of features , written in GTK + uses Javascript for extensions and additions of their own, according to my experience based on trying many Linux interfaces, Cinnamon is the best so far , and I will explain Why, in the five following reasons.

Beauty and effects

Enough to see the image above to know what we talk about, a lot of interfaces in Linux , such as GNOME and LXDE and Xfce are not designed to be for lovers of aesthetics , probably this does not apply it to KDE , but KDE is out from the competition from the first glimpse of the consumption of large resources (some will come out and say it it light .. we talk generally about It, It consumes lot of resources ) .

File Browser Nemo, The file Manager of Cinnamon

There are many beautiful effects similar to Compiz that make It more entertaining to use , some of the extensions allow you to install more effects , but the default ones are few. We hope that get expanded in the near future .

Customization capability

Cinnamon is highly customizable,  dozens of ready-made themes available for download from the official website and classified by compatibility , and dozens of extensions and add-ons available to let you do everything you want.

It does not end here , Control Panel of Cinnamon by default allows you to customize anything you want in the interface , by it, you can modify what you want , whether options such as , tape , log , system sounds , keyboard , printer , fonts , effects , list .. and many others.

Everything is ready by default

Try to install any interface , whether GNOME , KDE , Xfce , LXDE and others,  you will face a number of problems, In the opposite, you definitely need to download packages and additional software to customize and modify the interface , in Cinnamon everything is ready , the interface comes by default with a file manager , window manager , libraries own settings , control center which allows you to modify anything , some useful extensions pre-installed , and finally the interface itself , and all this without installing any additional package , and thus will provide a lot of time .

Maintaining compatibility

Cinnamon Maintain Its shape default since its launch , it has not yet changed its shape , the default theme itself , the tape Below is the same, place the menu button is the same, alerts place and Extensions are the same .. which is more than excellent , because the user would not need to get used to every new version that comes , for example, GNOME Shell , in every new release they change the place of something , it is enough to see the difference between a 3.2 and 3:10 and you will notice yourself the amount of things that have changed , and you'll get used to using something new in each update , which is certainly annoying.

Light consumption of resources

At this moment the computer processor Core 2 Due 3 GHz and random memory size of 2 GB and the graphics processor from Nvidia 1 GB size , the interface consumes 250 megabytes of memory only , and less than 5% of the processor resources .

In spite of that, Cinnamon is available in two versions , 3D for strong devices and 2D for devices with limited resources , therefore it is suitable for most devices and computers , from my past experience which has been made ​​on the 3D interface it consumes less , as we mentioned.

Cinnamon with all packaged does not exceed 30 megabytes in its size , which is much lower than most other interfaces .

Here it ends this quick review of  Cinnamon , I hope to share your opinion in the comments for the best interface for you, please mention scientific reason for your opinion :)

To download Cinnamon : from here.


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