Monday, January 6, 2014

How to Resize Lxterminal and Xterm

How to Resize Lxterminal and Xterm

Who wants to define the default size for all Lxterminal and xterm windows.
Because there are no appropriate option in Lxterminal Preference which allows to determine Its default size, no option at all for Xterm.

So how we can Resize Lxterminal and Xterm ?

We begin with Lxterminal :

lxterminal --geometry=80x50

With this command we can resize it, but we can do that with a mouse too ...
We can put this command in some places, so when we call Lxterminal, It will be resized by default.

examlple for files to edit :






The list goes long, and differs from which interfaces you use, But we can still use one way to avoid all this complicated stuff, by this command :

alias lxterminal='lxterminal --geometry=80x25'

And we put it in this file which is in the home directory (if It's not there, Just create it) :


To resize Xterm :

First, we need to tell Xterm to allow it to happen at all, because by default it ignores requests by hosted programs to resize the window. Add this to your ~/.Xdefaults :

xterm*allowWindowOps: true

For this to take effect right away, we have to execute this command :

xrdb ~/.Xdefaults

Then launch a new Xterm, and in our bash script :

echo -ne "\e[8;30;30t"


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