Tuesday, December 17, 2013

SteamOs Review

SteamOs Review

SteamOS is based on Debian GNU/Linux, well known for its stability. It aims to bring PC gaming into the living room.

SteamOS uses Linux kernel 3.10 and GNOME as Its desktop environment. The system includes basic GNOME applications, such as Brasero, Dconf, Baobab, GNOME Terminal, Evince, Disks, Eye of GNOME, GNOME Dictionary, and GNOME Screenshot. The Iceweasel web browser and the Steam for Linux client are also installed, along with a shortcut for the SteamOS desktop.

Most Linux users are excited to see this operating system which is based on Linux, so I came with these quick screenshots.

steamos gnome activities

steamos login

steamos computer

steamos gnome details

steamos gnome system settings

To Download it : from Here 
Note : Login name and password is : steam


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