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How to Download Youtube videos in Linux

How to Download Youtube videos in Linux

In this Post, I will show you many ways on how to download Youtube videos in Linux.

Newbies of course will prefer something very easy, that does not require typing a single command.

To download Youtube videos in Linux

Flashgot Add on
Flashgot Add on

This one require to have Firefox, then we have to install this Add on, Flashgot : It allows you to Save movies and audio clips With a single click from all webpages and not only from Youtube.

This Add on also gives the choice to select your external download manager.


There are tons of websites that provides that kind of service (Downloading from Youtube).

I recommend These two Websites for you :


For the lovers of Command Line, Youtube-dl is the best tool.

To install it in Ubuntu and Ubuntu base distributions like Linux Mint 
type the following command :

sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

for Debian users : 

sudo aptitude youtube-dl

for Arch Users : 

sudo pacman -S youtube-dl


You need to search for the video you want to download from Youtube

Open up the Terminal and type in :

youtube-dl {video URL}

Note : Don't forget to replace {video URL} with address URL you copied from the browser's navigation 


your video will start downloading, but your download may be heavy, and the video will be in a format you don't want.

To download a video in a format of your choice, type in :

youtube-dl -F  {video URL}

youtube-dl -F

it will give you list of different options, showing the formats and resolutions of that video.

Example of youtube-dl -F

choose the code of one you like and type in :

youtube-dl -f  {format code} {video URL}

Note : Don't forget to replace {format code} with code of your choice and {video URL} with address (URL) you copied from the browser's navigation.

youtube-dl -f

In this example, I chosen to download the video in Webm format with resolution [640x360] which Its code is 43.


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