Friday, November 15, 2013

Kill Process in Linux

Kill Process in Linux

Sometimes, an app hangout and you don’t know how to stop it.
Of course this problem is presented in all operating systems including Gnu Linux.
In this post I will show you methods to  Kill Process in Linux.

Method one :

This method depends on the Gui.
To kill Process in this method, we need to call an app tasks usually named  system monitor
system monitor
system monitor

Method two : 

This method depends on Linux commands or command line.


This command does not function in all distros,
When executing it, the shape of the mouse changes and you have to click the object you want to kill.


We write just after it the name of the object we want to kill.
for example we we will kill Vlc by this command
killall vlc


pkill vlc

kill -9

Very functioning command, but it does not need the name of the object, it needs the Pid.
to get the Pid, you can run top command and see it from there.
kill -9 2585


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