Friday, November 15, 2013

Disable trusted platform module

Disable trusted platform module
In the sense of freedom, “Trusted computing chips” are not a good way to go .
No matter what you heard about it (security bla bla), It’s a way to take your freedom away by  storing some keys.
Of course you are not the controller, so It takes your freedom away.
To disable them, here is two ways to do it :

Disable Tpm Modules :

First we need to check if there are Tpm modules by writing this command :
lsmod | grep tpm
If you found results then you can use this commands to delete each found module.
sudo rmmod tpm_results
tpm_results can be replaced by a tmp module found, the command can be repeated many times depending on the results.

Temporarily disable Modules :

After finding Tmp modules, we can just block them by writing their names in this file
You will need permission, and you can use any editor you like, for example, I’m using gedit :
sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist
Note :
most of these TPM “Security” Chips are found on Intel Motherboards.


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